「TOYOTA インディアン・ディーラー・トリップ ミニショータイム

「ふろしき体験 ショータイム」を旅先のホテルで楽しんでいただきました。
■日 時 2005年5月9日(月) 
■場 所 名古屋市 ヒルトン名古屋(5F 銀扇の間)
■講 師 森田 知都子(ふろしき研究会代表)浜口美穂さん、他会員2名



Furoshiki, the Magic Cloth

Do you know why a furoshiki is called a furoshiki ?
"Furo" means bath, and "shiki" is to lay.
It is said that the furoshiki were first used in public baths.
People wrapped their clothes and toiletries in a cloth to bring to public baths.
There, they laid the cloth on the floor, stood on it, and changed.
But now furoshiki are used in different ways.
Furoshiki are becoming fashionable items.
Colorful and beautiful furoshiki are used as scarves.
Some people use them to decorate their rooms.
Of course, furoshiki are very good for wrapping things, too.
You can use them to wrap things of different size or shape.
With a furoshiki you can carry a big watermelon.
Books wrapped in a beautiful furoshiki make a nice present.
Furoshiki are ecological, too.
You can use them again and again.
You fold a fuloshiki and it becomes very small.
You can bring it with you all the time, so you don't need a paper or plastic bag.
Don't you want one for yourself ?  

lay 敷く
public bath 銭湯,公衆浴場
wrap 包む
toiletries 化粧品,洗面用具
cloth 布
item もの
scarves scarfの複数形
decorate 飾る
shape 形
watermelon すいか
ecological 環境にやさしい
fold 折りたたむ
plastic bag ビニール袋

出典:(株)浜島書店 学習参考書「WATCHING 1」より